Little Baba Yaga: A Theatrical Journey into Enchantment

About the Performance:
Dive into a world of magic, mystery, and adventure with “Little Baba Yaga,” a captivating performance based on the fairy tale by Otfried Preisler. At Diagileva Theatre, we bring stories to life, and this enchanting tale is no exception. Join us as we journey through enchanted forests, meet mystical creatures, and discover the heartwarming tale of a young Baba Yaga finding her place in the world.

In a land where magic is real, and legends come to life, young Baba Yaga is on a quest to discover her true identity. While she may have the powers of the infamous witch, her heart is pure and her intentions noble. Along her journey, she encounters various challenges, makes unlikely friends, and learns valuable lessons about love, trust, and self-acceptance.

Magical Evening!
“Little Baba Yaga” was an unforgettable theatrical experience for audiences of all ages!

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